2022 June review

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Monthly reviews are a collection of posts where I try to review the previous month and set the expectations for the upcoming month. Not only it helps me keep track of what I have on my plate, but also works a public record of things I have done and achieved, both on a personal level and in my profession.

This month was a month of changes for me. Changed back into my old job and I spent a considerable amount of time sorting out accesses and just getting started. This means having to put NodeAudit , even though I announced it in the previous monthly review.

This next month will be a slow one for me, for sure, and this post will also reflect that. There will be a lot of things going on in my private life keeping me away from the keyboard and I will take that time to recharge too.


  • Wrote a cool small write-up on a HackTheBox machine I worked on a few months ago but had to wait until it was retired to publish the vulnerability. Even though I am not writing a complete write-up, I’m respecting the platform’s rules this way and it just seems right.
  • Even though this was a very fast paced and very every changing month, I continued working on my research projects, finding interesting vulnerabilities to report to the clients. I continue learning tons with the team over there so that is great for me.

Plans and Next Focuses

  • Suddenly, I got two requests about previous contributions I made to open source projects: One on nuclei and another on my own pmz. The first is an old contribution that had some issues I never looked into. They don’t seem related to my changes, but now the code has conflicts and it’s time to update it. Should be a quick win to handle this next month.
  • If I have a bit of time to dedicate to myself I’ll prioritize some training materials I recently found and acquired - I got a free voucher online for an advanced Rust programming language course that I would really like to do.
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