2021 November review

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Monthly reviews are a collection of posts where I try to review the previous month and set the expectations for the upcoming month. Not only it helps me keep track of what I have on my plate, but also works a public record of things I have done and achieved, both on a personal level and in my profession.

November was not as productive as October, even though some things kept rolling. There is no particular reason for this, just that life got in between and my expectations fell short on some aspects.

My first ever report came back as N/A. It’s was CSRF vulnerability and the company deemed it as not enough serious. Just to kick things off this month :)

Major achievements

  • Sounds mega egotistic but this month’s major achievement was definitely the work on pmz. I kept working on it and mostly fixing issues I was experiencing while using it.
  • At work we kept a steady pace doing our work. We have been putting some security automation in places. Thanks to it, I have been getting a lot deeper into Terraform and AWS Serverless. It’s a whole new work for me, which also makes me focus on learning resources at times.

Plans and Next Focuses

  • At work, soon we will have a huge project coming up. This will hopefully take most of December and bits from January.
  • Depending on some decisions I will hear about soon, I might start preparing for OSCP. It’s a certification I want to do for a long time now, not just for the market value, but for the knowledge. Hope to have a really good learning experience.
  • Hacking will be put on hold for now - work is going to demand significantly from me in the upcoming days, but if I start preparing for OSCP, I expect to restart doing some HackTheBox and TryHackMe. Bug bounties will have to be put to the side for now.
  • Continue using pmz and maybe try to work on the new features. It was a good motive to study some Go-specific things, like concurrency patterns and the context. Now I just need to practice what I learned.
  • December is the month of Advent of Codes. TryHackMe will organise theirs, as well as the infamous one for coders. I think I will focus on those two this year, hoping to do the challenges in GoLang.
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